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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Six Things I HATE about Thailand!

Yes, it was I who decided to move here in the first place, so I really shouldn't complain. But I'm an American -- I'm supposed to complain! Oh yeah -- I'm sure I can up with 4 more to make 10, but I'm being lazy.

  • SIX - Materialism. Yeah, my mom's real sick, my little brother can't go to school because we can't pay his paltry tuition, and I haven't eaten all day. But can you buy me that 100,000 Baht gold necklace so I can show off to all my friends that I have a farang (read "white") boyfriend that can buy me expensive stuff.
  • FIVE - Photophobia. I really hate walking down a crowded sidewalk on a hot sunny day, having to dodge f***'n UMBRELLAS to avoid getting stabbed in the eyes, all due to some silly Asian obsession with "whiteness".
  • FOUR - Lies. There can't POSSIBLY be that many sick water buffaloes, mothers, aunts, babies, etc., that you have take care of. But when your sweet little Thai girlfriend comes to you with tears in her eyes, you just can't help asking yourself, "So ... who's sick this time?"
  • THREE - Corruption. Are these people really THAT stupid to allow crooked politicians to get away with ripping off their own citizens?!!?
  • TWO - The FAKE smiles once they find out you're American -- you have money that THEY want.
  • ONE - HAGGLING!!!! If you want me to BUY something from you, just tell me the DAMN PRICE and let ME decide if I want it or not! No guessing games!!!!


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