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Friday, April 14, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to Teach in Thailand

Thinking of teaching in Thailand? Here are some good reasons why you should consider it!

  • TEN - All the modern conveniences of home. Though Thailand insists it is still a developing country, you still have all the modern amenities you would expect from living in a western city.
  • NINE - Cheap food. If you like Thai food, you'd be in heaven! You can spend as little as 20 Baht (US$.50) for a decent Thai meal on the streets. Or, if you prefer dining in, even Western joints are reasonably cheap. A McDonalds meal goes for about 80 Baht (US$2).
  • EIGHT - Relatively high pay and low cost of living. Qualified teachers working at even a small international school make about ten times the average Thai salary.
  • SEVEN - Clean air out in the country or down at the beaches.
  • SIX - Anonymity. You can start a whole new life even after screwing it up in the west.
  • FIVE - The weather. According to meteorologists, Bangkok has the lowest, year-round temperature variation among all world capitals. Typically, lows are in the mid-20's and highs in the lower to mid 30's.
  • FOUR - Friendly people. Especially outside of the city.
  • THREE - Beautiful people that age very slowly (compared to typical westerners).
  • TWO - You can be 60 years old, fat, and ugly, and get a date.
  • ONE - You can be 70 years old, fat, and ugly, and still get a good-looking date.

Check out this site for more information: Living & Teaching in Thailand.


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